Simultaneous multiwavelength image decomposition of redshift ~0.3 quasars
Ming-Yang Zhuang
Rows from top to bottom are the results for filters grizy. The upper panel of the left column shows the radial profile of the surface brightness (open circles with error bars), PSF component (blue), Se ́rsic (red) component, and total model (purple; PSF + Se ́rsic). The χ2ν from GALFITM for each band is shown in the lower-left corner, while that for all five bands is shown in the upper-right corner of the first panel in the bottom row. The lower sub-panel gives the residuals between the data and the model (data−model). The images show, from left to right, the original data, best-fit total model, data with the nucleus component modeled by a PSF subtracted, and residuals of the total model. The best-fit Se ́rsic index, half-light radius (Re), and host fraction fhost ≡ Se ́rsic / (PSF + Se ́rsic) are shown in the third column.
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The Star-forming Main Sequence of the Host Galaxies of Low-redshift Quasars
The Astrophysical Journal
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Ming-Yang Zhuang et al. 2022. Simultaneous multiwavelength image decomposition of redshift ~0.3 quasars. Version 2.0.
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