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China-VO Paper Data Repository provides long-term storage and open access service for your paper data, which includes but not limited tables, figures, pictures, movies, source codes, models, software packages mentioned in your scientific papers. A permanent but user specified URL will be provided for each item. Furthermore, copyrights of these properties are still owned by yourself.

Recommended by AAS Journals (AJ/ApJ/ApJL/ApJS/RNAAS) and Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics (RAA).

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Support DOI Apply
China-VO PaperData allow user to apply DOI for their data used in the paper through the platform.
A China-VO PaperData DOI ( will be issued within 2 working days after we get the notification that the paper is accepted by the journal.
AAS Official Recommendation
AAS has officially recommended China-VO PaperData in their tutorials. For your convenience, please include the fact that a PaperData DOI will be issued for these results in your submission notes to AAS journal.
Help Document
How to start?
How to get a DOI for your data?
Check the document before you start.



PaperData已获得AAS Journal(美国天文学会期刊库)和RAA(天文与天体物理研究)的认可,国内的科研人员如需在AJ、ApJ、ApJL、ApJS、RNAAS等期刊发表论文,只要将论文及相关科学数据上传至PaperData即可被直接引用。



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