Copyright and statement
Copyright notice of NADC Original content
Unless otherwise noted, all contents originally created by the National Astronomical Data Center (NADC) or the member of NADC team copyright NADC, including but not limited to the text content, image, audio and video. Based on the openness of scientific research and scientific public outreach, such original contents are allowed to be re-posted by media, websites or individuals through representation, re-upload or other means, but must credits NADC and the authors in accordance with the original way. The original link should be attached while re-publish the NADC materials. Any modification to the original text must be approved by NADC and the original author.
The authorization of re-post by NADC is for the purpose of scientific education and public outreach. It does not mean that there is any cooperation, authentication and other relationship between the NADC and the subject, platform or individuals who re-publish the contents. Unless otherwise specified, NADC does not make any endorsement for the subject, platform or individuals who re-publish the contents. The center severely condemns any person who modifies the original content of the materials from NADC to obviously misleads the audience and reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
Data Policy of NADC
The copyright of all data published by NADC, including but not limited to the original data generated by telescope observation, processed data and personal processed astronomical data in published paper belongs to the original data authors (institutions, teams and individuals). For specific copyright notices, please refer to the original telescope team or data publisher's statement that generated the data.
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