Identification and parameter determination of F-type Herbig stars from LAMOST DR8
Zhang ,Yun-Jin; Hou, Wen ; Luo, A-Li et al.
We identify 20 F-type Herbig stars and provide a list of 22 pre-main-sequence candidates from LAMOST DR8. The effective temperature, distance, extinction, stellar luminosity, mass, age, and radius are derived for each Herbig star based on optical spectra, photometry, Gaia EDR3 parallaxes, and pre-main-sequence evolutionary tracks. According to spectral energy distribution, 19 F-type Herbig stars belong to Class II YSOs, and one belongs to the flat-spectrum class. Four have Spitzer IRS spectra, of which three show extremely weak polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions, and three with both amorphous and crystalline silicate emissions share similar parameters and are at the same evolutionary stage. We detect a solar-nearby outbursting EXor Herbig star J034344.48+314309.3, a possible precursor of a Herbig Ae star. Intense emission lines of H I, He I, O I, Na I, and Ca II originating from the rapid accretion during the outbursts are detected in its optical spectra, and silicate emission features are detected in its infrared spectrum. We also conduct a statistical analysis of the disk properties of all known Herbig stars using the defined infrared spectral indices (αJ-KS and αKs-W3). The proportion of Herbig stars with moderate infrared excesses decreases as effective temperature increases. The majority of the precursors (F, G, or K type) have moderate infrared excesses. Hotter Herbig stars tend to have a larger proportion with large infrared excesses. The trends may be due to the fact that hotter stars have larger areas of re-emitting dust, although there is some scatter due to the particularities of each disk.
'F-type Herbig stars.csv' goes with Table 1 in the paper. 'Parameters of F-type Herbig stars.csv' goes with Table 2 in the paper. '22 PMS candidates.csv' goes with Table A in the paper.
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Identification and parameter determination of F-type Herbig stars from LAMOST DR8
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