An Empirical Template Library for FGK and Late-type A Stars Using LAMOST Observed Spectra
Du, Bing; Luo, A-Li ; Zuo, F. et al.
We present an empirical stellar spectra library created using spectra from the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) DR5. This library represents a uniform data set ranging from 3750 through 8500K in effective temperature (Teff), from −2.5 through +1.0 dex in metallicity ([Fe/H]), and from 0 to 5.0 dex in gravity (log g). The spectra in the library have resolutions R∼1800, with well-calibrated fluxes and rest-framed wavelengths. Using a large number of red stars observed by LAMOST, we generated denser K-type templates to fill in data missing from current empirical spectral libraries, particularly the late K type. For K giants, we calibrated the spectroscopic surface gravities against the asteroseismic surface gravities. To verify the reliability of the parameters labeled for this library, we performed an internal cross-validation using a χ2 minimization method to interpolate the parameters of each individual spectrum using the remaining spectra in the library. We obtained precisions of 41 K, 0.11 dex, and 0.05 dex for Teff, log g, and [Fe/H], respectively, which means the templates are labeled with correct stellar parameters. Through external comparisons, we confirmed that measurements of the stellar parameters through this library can achieve accuracies of approximately 125 K in Teff, 0.1 dex in [Fe/H] and 0.20 dex in log g without systematic offset. This empirical library is useful for stellar parameter measurements because it has large parameter coverage and full wavelength coverage from 3800 to 8900 Å.
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