Strong [OIII]{\lambda}5007 emission line compact galaxies in LAMOST DR9: Blueberries, Green Peas and Purple Grapes
Liu, Siqi ; Luo, A-Li ; Yang, Huan ; Shen, Shi-Yin ; Wang, Jun-Xian ; Zhang, Hao-Tong ; Zheng, Zhenya ; Song, Yi-Han ; Kong, Xiao ; Wang, Jian-Ling ; Chen, Jian-Jun
Green Pea and Blueberry galaxies are well-known for their compact size, low mass, strong emission lines and analogs to high-z Lyα emitting galaxies. In this study, 1547 strong [OIII]λ5007 emission line compact galaxies with 1694 spectra are selected from LAMOST DR9 at the redshift range from 0.0 to 0.59. According to the redshift distribution, these samples can be separated into three groups: Blueberries, Green Peas and Purple Grapes. Optical [MgII]λ2800 line feature, BPT diagram, multi- wavelength SED fitting, MIR color, and MIR variability are deployed to identify 23 AGN candidates from these samples, which are excluded for the following SFR discussions. We perform the multi- wavelength SED fitting with GALEX UV and WISE MIR data. Color excess from Balmer decrement shows these strong [OIII]λ5007 emission line compact galaxies are not highly reddened. The stellar mass of the galaxies is obtained by fitting LAMOST calibrated spectra with the emission lines masked. We find that the SFR is increasing with the increase of redshift, while for the sources within the same redshift bin, the SFR increases with mass with a similar slope as the SFMS. These samples have a median metallicity of 12+log(O/H) of 8.10. The metallicity increases with mass, and all the sources are below the mass-metallicity relation. The direct-derived Te-based metallicity from the [OIII]λ4363 line agrees with the empirical N2-based empirical gas-phase metallicity. Moreover, these compact strong [OIII]λ5007 are mostly in a less dense environment.
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Strong [OIII]{\lambda}5007 emission line compact galaxies in LAMOST DR9: Blueberries, Green Peas and Purple Grapes
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