Central velocity dispersion catalogue of LAMOST-DR7 galaxies
Napolitano, Nicola R. ; D'Ago, Giuseppe ; Tortora, Crescenzo ; Zhao, Gang ; Luo, A. -Li ; Tang, Baitian ; Zhang, Wei ; Zhang, Yong ; Li, Rui
The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) is a major facility to carry out spectroscopic surveys for cosmology and galaxy evolution studies. The seventh data release of the LAMOST ExtraGAlactic Survey (LEGAS) is currently available and including redshifts of 193 361 galaxies. These sources are spread over $\sim 11\, 500$ deg2 of the sky, largely overlapping with other imaging (SDSS and HSC) and spectroscopic (BOSS) surveys. The estimated depth of the galaxy sample, r ∼ 17.8, the high signal-to-noise ratio, and the spectral resolution R = 1800, make the LAMOST spectra suitable for galaxy velocity dispersion (VD) measurements, which are invaluable to study the structure and formation of galaxies and to determine their central dark matter content. We present the first estimates of central VD of $\sim 86\, 000$ galaxies in LAMOST footprint. We have used a wrap-up procedure to perform the spectral fitting using PPXF, and derive VD measurements. Statistical errors are also assessed by comparing LAMOST VD estimates with the ones of SDSS and BOSS over a common sample of $\sim 51\, 000$ galaxies. The two data sets show a good agreement, within the statistical errors, in particular when VD values are corrected to 1 effective radius aperture. We also present a preliminary mass-σ relation and find consistency with previous analyses based on local galaxy samples. These first results suggest that LAMOST spectra are suitable for galaxy VD measurements to complement the available catalogues of galaxy internal kinematics in the Northern hemisphere. We plan to expand this analysis to next LAMOST data releases.
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Central velocity dispersion catalogue of LAMOST-DR7 galaxies
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
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Napolitano, Nicola R. et al. 2020. Central velocity dispersion catalogue of LAMOST-DR7 galaxies. Version 1.0. https://doi.org/10.12149/101035
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