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Exoplanets & Planet Formation Workshop 2023
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2023-12-16 - 2023-12-19
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Exoplanets and planet formation are among the most rapidly developing field in astrophysics. This is largely driven by the advent of major observational facilities such as ALMA and JWST, together with advancement in theoretical models and computational efforts. Following the success of Protostars & Planets VII earlier this year, this workshop will bring researchers primarily around the East Asian area, for more in-depth communications and discussions on the frontiers of this field, and aims to foster regional interactions and collaborations in the post-covid era. It also serves as a continuation of the "Exoplanet and Planet Formation" international conference in 2017 held in Shanghai, and the "Planet Formation (regional) Workshop 2019" held at NAOJ. Topics include: Formation, structure, dynamics, chemistry and evolution of protoplanetary disks Formation of planets and planetary systems and its synergy with protoplanetary disks Detection, characterization, atmosphere and dynamics of exoplanets