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The 2nd Donglu Astrophysics Forum: Milky Way and Cosmology in the Era of Wide Field Surveys
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2022-08-31 - 2022-09-22
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The rapid advance of technology has opened up new windows of astronomical research, enabling one to survey the universe in an unprecedented way — wider, deeper and faster, revealing for example large numbers of rapidly evolving transients, including the counterparts of multi-messenger sources. While the huge amounts of multi-epoch and multi-band data yielded by such large sky-coverage surveys allow us to address a number of forefront problems, from stellar astrophysics, the structure and evolution of the Milky Way, to the large-scale structure of the universe, they also pose serious challenges to data reduction and analysis, from fast real-time image processing, high-precision astrometric and photometric calibration, to robust transient identification and classification. This conference aims to bring together experts from three communities: wide-field surveys, stellar astrophysics and Galactic structure and evolution, and cosmic transients and cosmology. Building on the current state of the art, we will review the recent progresses, discuss the forefront problems, and foster potential collaborations for future studies. Conference Themes: The conference shall cover three main topics: A. Wide field surveys (Facilities, scientific drivers and survey strategies; Data reduction and calibration; Transient identifications and classifications). B. Stellar astrophysics and Galactic structure and evolution (Stellar structure and evolution, binarity, variable stars; Extremely metal poor stars; Galactic structure and evolution). C. Cosmic transients and cosmology (GW events and EM counterparts, SNe, GRBs, TDEs, QSOs/AGNe, FRBs; Hubble tension).