序号 项目编号 项目负责人 项目名称 项目简介   
1 N2022_1 ZhuMing HI drift scan survey 下载
2 PT2022_0001 Tao-ChungChing First Direct Mapping of Interstellar Magnetic Field Strength  
3 PT2022_0002 LinLin Catch the radio emission associated with magnetar-like X-ray bursts  
4 PT2022_0003 LinJie Searching for radio pulsations from the cataclysmic variable LAMOST J024048.51+195226.9  
5 PT2022_0005 Hong-XinZhang AVID-FAST: Atomic gas in Virgo Interacting Dwarfs - FAST HI mapping  
6 PT2022_0006 LingqiMeng Test General Relativity with Pulsar's Geodetic Precession  
7 PT2022_0007 FrancescoCotiZelati A FAST search for pulsations from a hour orbital period black widow candidate in a hierarchical triple system  
8 PT2022_0008 JingZhou Atomic Clouds Driven by Galactic Nuclear Wind  
9 PT2022_0009 WeiweiZhu Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars  
10 PT2022_0010 YaoJumei Pulsars as Interstellar Beacons  
11 PT2022_0012 bjwang Monitor the Recovery of PSR J1713+0747 Profile Changing Event Associated with DM Event and a Glitch  
12 PT2022_0013 MiaoChenchen Timing of 6 new MSPs and 12 MSP binary systems discovered in CRAFTS with FAST  
13 PT2022_0014 SunShengnan Polarization studies of mode changing pulsars using FAST  
14 PT2022_0015 Zi-WeiOu The first millisecond pulsar TeV halo candidate  
15 PT2022_0016 bjwang Observing Double-Neutron-Stars system in the FAST sky  
16 PT2022_0017 MiaoXueli Using high sensitivity observation study particular stellar evolution in binary pulsar systems  
17 PT2022_0018 ZhangChunfeng Monitoring Rotation Measure Evolution of the Repeating FRB 180301  
18 PT2022_0019 WangShuangqiang Highly sensitive observations of spider pulsars using FAST  
19 PT2022_0020 WeiyangWang Observation of two FRBs with polarization measurements  
20 PT2022_0021 LinLin Joint Radio and X-ray monitoring campaign of SGR J1935+2154  
21 PT2022_0022 WangPei Timing Two Pulsars and Following up Three MSP Candidates Discovered by FAST in Unidentified Fermi Sources  
22 PT2022_0023 HengXu Refine the Mass Measurement of a Massive Pulsar via Shapiro Delay  
23 PT2022_0024 JoerivanLeeuwen Going over the edge: General Relativity reveals the magnetic pole of precessing pulsar J1906+0746    
24 PT2022_0025 ZhichenPan Deep Search for Pulsars in the Globular Clusters in the Southern Sky  
25 PT2022_0026 YiYan Unusual subpulse drifting of nine pulsars  
26 PT2022_0027 ChengCheng Deep Mapping of Diffuse HI in Intragroup Medium of Stephan's Quintet  
27 PT2022_0033 KongLingda FAST search for radio pulsar in gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057  
28 PT2022_0034 NiuChenhui The Energy distribution and propagation effect of the FRB 20190520B that discovered by FAST  
29 PT2022_0035 LiuXiaojin Timing observations of J1402+13: a bright binary millisecond pulsar and promising candidate for pulsar timing arrays  
30 PT2022_0037 LianYujie Timing Analysis of the new pulsars in M53: the most distant globular cluster with known pulsars  
31 PT2022_0040 Liukuo Monitoring and discovering pulsars in Globular Cluster M2 and M14  
32 PT2022_0041 JiangweiXu High cadence observations on FRB 20201124A  
33 PT2022_0042 Shan-ShanWeng Search for radio pulsations from two AMXPs in quiescence  
34 PT2022_0043 NiuJiarui Confirming 4 FAST-discovered RRATs and 2 potential repeating FRBs  
35 PT2022_0044 NingyuTang Excitation environment at regions with extremely low thermal pressure  
36 PT2022_0045 HuiTian High-time resolution observations of radio transients on nearby flaring stars  
37 PT2022_0046 AlessioMarino Hunting for radio pulsations in the quiescent state of the fastest accreting millisecond pulsar  
38 PT2022_0047 SuWeiqi 18 Pulsars Discovered in the GPPS Survey: Young or Old?  
39 PT2022_0048 LuJiguang Search for periodic signals from ZTF J1406+1222 - the black widow candidate in a 62-minute-period orbit  
40 PT2022_0049 LunhuaShang A Study of Single-pulse Modeling and the Bi-drifting Subpulses in PSR B1839-04 with the FAST  
41 PT2022_0050 WangLin Monitoring Pulsars in the globular cluster M13  
42 PT2022_0052 KeWang FAST Zeeman: Magnetic Field Strengths in Milky Way "Bones"  
43 PT2022_0053 BinLiu The FAST Recombination Line Survey: First Segment II  
44 PT2022_0054 WuQingdong Long-term follow-up timing of six binary and four millisecond pulsars discovered by FAST  
45 PT2022_0055 LunhuaShang Studying the radio emission From A Main-sequence Star HD 124224 With the FAST  
46 PT2022_0056 HengXu Expanding Chinese Pulsar Timing Array  
47 PT2022_0057 RuiLuo Monitoring a short gamma-ray burst with possible radio transient  
48 PT2022_0059 Zhe-YuDanielLin Catch me if you can: Capturing the fast neutral wind from young stars with FAST  
49 PT2022_0060 LigangHou Exploring the outer gaseous boundary of the Milky Way by sensitive HI observations  
50 PT2022_0061 WuQingdong A Single-pulse Study of the Subpulse Drifter PSR J0540+4542 Discovered at FAST  
51 PT2022_0062 LeiZhang Monitoring of millisecond pulsars in the globular cluster NGC5904 (M5) with FAST  
52 PT2022_0064 YangChen Follow-up Timing Observation of the FAST-detected Pulsar (J2016+3711) in Supernova Remnant CTB 87  
53 PT2022_0065 XunShi Pulsar scintillation arclets monitoring: probing properties of the interstellar plasma lenses  
54 PT2022_0066 XunchuanLiu A FAST Survey of HINSA towards PGCCs in Broad Galactic Regions  
55 PT2022_0067 YongkunZhang Constrain the Relation between Fast Radio Bursts and Star Formation Rates  
56 PT2022_0068 ZhichenPan Confirmation of Candidates from Reprocessing Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey Data  
57 PT2022_0070 HaotongZhang follow up of LAMOST neutron star candidates  
58 PT2022_0071 PakHinTam A search of Pulsars with ellipsoidal variation signature  
59 PT2022_0072 JianliZhang FAST searches for pulsars from LHAASO unassociated sources  
60 PT2022_0073 NiuChenhui Deep Followup of FAST-discovered FRBs  
61 PT2022_0074 BoZhang Monitoring observations of repeating FRBs and their PRSs with VLBI including FAST  
62 PT2022_0075 XiaotingFu Searching for pulsars in Open Clusters  
63 PT2022_0076 QingyingLi A in-depth study of radio eclipse of PSR J1816+4510 with the FAST  
64 PT2022_0078 LiXiangdong Observations of the eccentric binary millisecond pulsar J1950+2414  
65 PT2022_0081 YongZhang FAST search for atomic hydrogen in planetary nebulae  
66 PT2022_0083 Jin-BoFu Four dynamically discovered close binary systems containing neutron star candidates  
67 PT2022_0085 WangShuangqiang Searching for radio emissions from radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars  
68 PT2022_0088 EswaraiahChakali Measuring magnetic fields strengths in Planck Cold Clumps based on the HINSA Zeeman experiment with FAST  
69 PT2022_0089 WangJingbo Study of state switching pulsars  
70 PT2022_0090 QingzhengYu A Survey of HI Absorption in Faint Radio AGNs at z < 0.1  
71 PT2022_0091 ZhengZheng HI follow-up for ALMaQUEST galaxies  
72 PT2022_0092 LunhuaShang Studying the Pulsed Radio Emission From A Brown Dwarf TVLM 513-46546 With the FAST  
73 PT2022_0093 TaoWang Microstructures of 5 Pulsars  
74 PT2022_0094 ZhichenPan Solving the Orbits of the Six Previously FAST Discovered Globular Cluster Binary Pulsars  
75 PT2022_0095 HengXu Ultra-High Precision Timing Observations of the Planet PulsarSystem  
76 PT2022_0097 XueMengyao Searching for the radio pulse signal from the companion neutron star in DNS systems  
77 PT2022_0098 XunShi Annual modulation of pulsar scintillation arc curvature: precision measurement of scintillation screen properties  
78 PT2022_0099 PeiZuo The Tully-Fisher Relation of Polar Ring Galaxies  
79 PT2022_0100 RuiLuo Observing the candidate repeating sources from the CHIME/FRB Catalog  
80 PT2022_0101 LinJie Searching for radio pulsations from the redback millisecond pulsar candidate  
81 PT2022_0102 Xiang-YuWang Spin-down parameters of two FAST pulsars in LHAASO TeV gamma-ray sources  
82 PT2022_0103 Qi-JunZhi Timing and confirmation of new pulsars discovered by FAST at intermediate Galactic latitudes  
83 PT2022_0104 AlexanderWolszczan High-Cadence Timing Observations of the Planets Pulsar, PSR B1257+12  
84 PT2022_0105 YaoJumei Revealing the spin-kick origin using a hyper-velocity pulsar  
85 PT2022_0106 PabloSazParkinson FAST searches for MSPs in Fermi LAT unassociated sources from the 4FGL-DR3 Catalog  
86 PT2022_0107 Zi-WeiOu Searching for radio pulses from pulsar candidates in binary systems with high-energy emission  
87 PT2022_0108 LinTingting Searching for counterparts of radio band for LHAASO-KM2A TeV source  
88 PT2022_0109 YuanMao Measuring the orbit and masses of a double neutron star systems through scintillation observations  
89 PT2022_0112 RishankDiwan FAST searches for radio pulsars in gamma-ray binaries  
90 PT2022_0113 YiFeng Search fast radio bursts co-located with superluminous supernovae  
91 PT2022_0114 XuyangGao FAST observation of the high-latitude supernova remnant G70.0-21.5  
92 PT2022_0115 HangGong A Deep Radio Pulsation Search from Five Galactic Compact Stellar Objects with Uncertain Identities Discovered in Non-radio Bands  
93 PT2022_0116 PARTHASARATHIPAL A FAST search for radio pulsars in bright gamma-ray-emitting supernova remnants  
94 PT2022_0117 ShijunDang Measurements of pulse jitter in millisecond pulsars using FAST  
95 PT2022_0119 Tong-JieZhang Targeted SETI with FAST: putting most stringent constrain on the artificial signals from ETIs towards the nearby stars  
96 PT2022_0120 ZhengliWang The polarization and single-pulse characteristics for the whole pulse phase radiation pulsar.  
97 PT2022_0121 SunXiaohui A new polarimetric study of the supernova remnant IC 443  
98 PT2022_0124 ZhouZurong Long-term timing of six MSPs in Globular Clusters  
99 PT2022_0125 zhoudejiang Follow-up observations of five FRBs discovered in the GPPS survey  
100 PT2022_0126 RanWang Testing AGN Feedback in Quasars with H I Observations  
101 PT2022_0129 YuanMao Reveal pulsar hidden emission pattern through single pulse morphology  
102 PT2022_0131 WeiyangWang Radio transition from new-born magnetars in SLSNe  
103 PT2022_0132 SunShengnan A study of periodic amplitude modulation phenomenon in pulsars using FAST  
104 PT2022_0133 GuoZiping Single-pulse observations of PSRs J0210+4238, J0552+4111 and J1907-1019 Nulling and Energy variation  
105 PT2022_0134 LiuLijia Interplanetary Scintillation Observations with FAST during PSP perihelion  
106 PT2022_0135 XuJun Searching for pulsars in four subdwarf B binary systems  
107 PT2022_0136 XinCheng Detection of stellar type III radio bursts on flare-active stars  
108 PT2022_0138 ZhaoRushuang The research of nulling behavior of new pulsars detected in CRAFTS  
109 PT2022_0139 BaodaLi Timing, studying scintillation, and searching for pulsars in M3 .  
110 PT2022_0140 FengweiXu A HINSA survey of high-latitude Planck Galactic cold clumps  
111 PT2022_0141 NiuJiarui The Enigmatic Birth Properties of Pulsars  
112 PT2022_0142 LigangHou A distant large star forming complex in the first Galactic quadrant discovered by the GPPS survey  
113 PT2022_0143 LiXiangdong Search for Fast Radio Bursts from Fast Blue Optical Transients  
114 PT2022_0145 GanLuo Multi-phase gas in the HI super-bubble in Per OB2 Association  
115 PT2022_0146 HangGong A Single Pulse Search from Two Young SNRs Which Might Host Energetic Crab-like Pulsars within 1Mpc  
116 PT2022_0148 EKTASHARMA Investigations of magnetic fields in Planck Galactic Cold clumps using Zeeman effect  
117 PT2022_0149 RogerIanjamasimanana H I observations of ”isolated” Local Group dwarf galaxies.  
118 PT2022_0150 WangShen A Single Pulses Study of 10 Nulling Pulsars  
119 PT2022_0151 CarlHeiles Small-Scale Structure of Gas and Magnetic Field in the Orion-Eridanus Superbubble Wall  
120 PT2022_0152 QingyingLi Study of nulling and mode changing of eight newly pulsars discovered by the FAST Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot survey  
121 PT2022_0153 bjwang Observing the low-luminosity Fast Radio Bursts in the FAST sky  
122 PT2022_0154 QiuyiLuo Unveil scenario of cloud formation in multi-shell system G24  
123 PT2022_0155 YaoJumei Confirming and timing halo pulsar candidates detected by FAST  
124 PT2022_0158 ZonglinYang Timing of double neutron star candidate J1933+2038g  
125 PT2022_0159 TaoWang Long-term Timing of 19 Binary Pulsars Discovered By GPPS Survey  
126 PT2022_0160 WanjinLu Follow-up search for radio pulsations from a central compact object and magnetars  
127 PT2022_0162 JunWang Single pulse and phase-jitter analysis of millisecond pulsars using FAST High Time Resolution Observation  
128 PT2022_0163 CarlHeiles Verify the Linear Polarization in HI Absorption Line toward Quasars  
129 PT2022_0164 ZhangDandan The variation of Polarization Properties of the Crab pulsar before and after glitch.  
130 PT2022_0165 KouFeifei The variation of Polarization Properties of the Crab pulsar before and after glitch.  
131 PT2022_0169 XuJun Probing the vertical component of Galactic magnetic fields with FAST pulsar polarization observations  
132 PT2022_0171 YidongXu Follow-up observation of HI absorber candidates found by blind searching  
133 PT2022_0172 XunchuanLiu FAST Observations of HI towards a CO-harboring HVC -- the G165  
134 PT2022_0173 GuodongLi Detecting the HI Emission of Two Low-Redshift Hot Dust-Obscured Galaxy Analogs  
135 PT2022_0174 WangPengfei Confirmation of the binary nature of millisecond pulsars discovered in the GPPS survey  
136 PT2022_0175 ShenghuaYu Investigation of the timing residuals from μHz to 100Hz using high sensitive and high time resolution pulsar observations by FAST  
137 PT2022_0176 ZhaoRushuang Half pulse search in PSRs J1758+3030, J1820-0509 and J2037+1942  
138 PT2022_0177 zhoudejiang Follow-up observations of new RRATs discovered in the GPPS survey  
139 PT2022_0178 ZonglinYang Timing seven GPPS binary millisecond pulsars  
140 PT2022_0179 MiaoChenchen PSR J2032+4127: a pulsar with an orbital period of 52.4 yr  
141 PT2022_0180 JialuQiu Observational verification of multipole magnetic field of pulsars in radio band  
142 PT2022_0181 BoZhang Search for extragalactic HI absorption systems in the redshift range of 0.25-0.35  
143 PT2022_0182 HongyingChen H I Observations towards Variability-Selected AGN-host Dwarf Galaxies  
144 PT2022_0183 RenzhiSu The AGN feedback in bright radio quasars  
145 PT2022_0184 AsheshAbhisekKhatua HINSA Zeeman experiment towards a Planck Galactic cold clump (PGCC) G178.98-06.7 using FAST  
146 PT2022_0186 NannanCai Timing of 48 long-period pulsars discovered by the GPPS survey  
147 PT2022_0187 RenzhiSu Searching for OH 18-cm absorption lines against bright radio sources  
148 PT2022_0190 ShijunDang Timing of Pulsars with frequent glitches  
149 PT2022_0192 YogeshChandola HI content of young starburst blueberry galaxies  
150 PT2022_0193 HabtamuMenberuTedila Investigation for the physics of pulsars with complex emission features  
151 PT2022_0195 DuanYan Tracking A High-Velocity Cloud and Its Footprints on the Galactic Disk  
152 PT2022_0196 XiaoyuanHuang Constraining dark matter properties from radio observations of a dwarf spheroidal galaxy  
153 PT2022_0197 WeicongJing Measuring pulsar distances from the HI absorption line  
154 PT2022_0198 ShunshunCao Sub-pulse drifting study of 13 pulsars vaired in 4 drifting types  
155 PT2022_0200 DeZhao Long-term timing of 10 millisecond pulsars using FAST  
156 PT2022_0201 HongweiXi Searching for HI in high redshift galaxies  
157 PT2022_0202 WangWei Fast variations of radio flux and polarization in microquasars  
158 ZD2022_1 DiLi The Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) 下载
159 ZD2022_2 JinlinHan The Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey 下载
160 ZD2022_4 WangJie  HI Mapping and pulsars searching toward M31 region   下载
161 ZD2022_5 WeiweiZhu Fast radio burst searches and multi-wavelength observations 下载
162 ZD2022_6 NaWang Pulsar timing: Physics and evolution of pulsars 下载


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