序号 项目编号 项目负责人 项目名称 项目简介   
1 N2020_3 Zhu Ming HI drift scan survey 下载
2 PT2020_0003 wangjingbo selection of millisecond pulsar candidates for ultra-low-frequency gravitational waves detection  
3 PT2020_0009 Zhichen Pan Timing of Two New Spider Globular Cluster Pulsars Discovered by FAST  
4 PT2020_0014 Yang Gao Searching for close planets around AD Leo based on its radio flare monitoring  
5 PT2020_0015 Yang Gao Exploring the radio emission from Neptune  
6 PT2020_0019 Zhigang Wen Search for unconfirmed pulsars detected by FAST  
7 PT2020_0030 Jingtao Luo Study Single Pulses from Spider Pulsars  
8 PT2020_0032 Yonghua Xu Observations of interstellar scintillation using FAST  
9 PT2020_0034 Jie Lin Search for radio pulsations from transitional millisecond pulsar system  
10 PT2020_0040 Heng Xu Expand the Chinese Pulsar Timing Array  
11 PT2020_0042 Heng xu Observing Spider Pulsars using FAST and Optical Telescopes  
12 PT2020_0044 Xian Hou Searching for radio pulsations in the transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038  
13 PT2020_0050 Wenming Yan A search for radio pulsars in large angular size supernova remnants  
14 PT2020_0054 刘彬 Mapping the Galactic Warm Ionized Medium with FAST  
15 PT2020_0059 Yunpeng Men Explore distant Galactic turbulence using pulsar scattering  
16 PT2020_0065 杨楷 HINSA survey of massive starless clump candidates with FAST  
17 PT2020_0066 Jumei Yao Pulsars as Interstellar Beacons  
18 PT2020_0067 Jinchen Jiang Baseband polarimetry of non-PTA millisecond pulsars  
19 PT2020_0072 Pak Hin Tam Searching for the pulsar in the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057  
20 PT2020_0074 Weiwei Zhu Testing the Theories of Gravitation with Pulsars  
21 PT2020_0076 Cong Xu Deep Mapping of Diffuse HI in Intragroup Medium of Stephan`s Quintet  
22 PT2020_0087 Pengfei Wang Testing the polarization emission theory from pulsars with highly polarized components  
23 PT2020_0095 周霞 Search for radio emission from X-ray dim isolated neutron stars  
24 PT2020_0099 Zhen Yan Searching and Monitoring Pulsars in 10 Globular Clusters outside the Coverage Range of the Arecibo  
25 PT2020_0101 Cheng Cheng Unveiling the HI gas for galaxies in transition from low to high star formation efficiency  
26 PT2020_0102 Zheng Zheng HI follow-up for ALMaQUEST galaxies  
27 PT2020_0108 Pei Wang Timing Two Pulsars and Following up Three MSP Candidates Discovered by FAST in Unidentified Fermi Sources  
28 PT2020_0115 Hassen Mohammed Yesuf HI Gas of Post-starburst Galaxies with IFU Data  
29 PT2020_0118 Xuyang Gao FAST L-band continuum observations of four very faint and large SNRs/SNR candidates outside the Galactic plane  
30 PT2020_0123 Lijia Liu Interplanetary Scintillation Observation with FAST  
31 PT2020_0126 Marko Krco Deciphering the Mystery of the Smith Cloud’s Origin  
32 PT2020_0135 Andrew Cameron Single-pulse follow-up of a pulsar discovered by FAST  
33 PT2020_0136 Pengfei Wang Timing newly discovered millisecond pulsars in GPPS  
34 PT2020_0137 Chenchen miao Measure post-Keplerian Parameters for 15 pulsar binary systems discovered by FAST  
35 PT2020_0141 Shi Dai   A pilot pulsar survey at intermediate Galactic latitudes;  
36 PT2020_0154 Yihua Yan IPS observation of the solar wind flow  
37 PT2020_0155 Dejiang Zhou Follow-up of the six newly detected single radio pulses from the GPPS data  
38 PT2020_0159 Jinjin Xie A HINSA suvey towards a sample of Galactic massive star forming regions  
39 PT2020_0168 Wang Chen   Searching axion dark matter conversioned spectral line in neutron star magnetosphere by FAST  
40 PT2020_0169 Tong-Jie Zhang A Pilot SETI Targeted and Commensal Program with FAST  
41 PT2020_0171 Wenfei Yu FAST Galactic Bulge and Plane monitoring program  
42 PT2020_0184 Chen-hui Niu A FAST-Centric FRB Localization Experiment  
43 ZD2020_1 李菂 FAST漂移扫描多科学目标同时巡天(CRAFTS) 下载
44 ZD2020_2 韩金林 银道面脉冲星巡天 下载
45 ZD2020_4 王杰 M31中性氢成像与脉冲星搜寻 下载
46 ZD2020_5 张冰、朱玮 快速射电暴的搜寻和多波段观测 下载
47 ZD2020_6 王娜 脉冲星物理和演化 下载




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