The 4th WWT Guided Tour Contest Concluded
2020-08-26 09:22
2021-03-02 14:24

On August 20, the forth WorldWide Telescope (WWT) Guided Tour Contest Award Ceremony was held in Guangdong Experimental High School. The ceremony was broadcasted online at three platforms: Nandu live, Bilibili and China Science Communication. More than a hundred thousand astronomers, educators, amateur astronomers, students, public media and business representatives attended the ceremony, online or on site.


The forth WWT Guided Tour Contest was launched in October 2019. A total of 138 works had been collected until the end of June 2020. More than 300 students and teachers participated in the contest. After experts’ review, 3 first prizes, 10 secondary prizes, 21 third prizes, and 57 recognition award were selected out of the 138 works. 6 works were awarded the ”Most Creative Award”, ”Best Visual Effect Award”, “Most Artistic Tour Award” and “Best Public Outreach Award” prizes respectively. 13 outstanding advisers and 9 organization institutes were also commended on the ceremony.


As part of the China-VO “Data-driven Astronomical Education and Public Outreach (DAEPO)” initiates, the contest aims at inspiring participants through the design of WWT guided tour, improving their ability of scientific and technological innovation, and cultivating their spirit of teamwork.


Find excellent works of this contest:


Endless Frontier \ Dong Fang Hong \ Tiangong No.2


More information about the contest is available at:


Award presentation

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