China-VO Alibaba Astronomy Party
2020-07-20 14:47
2020-07-20 14:46

China-VO recently has made some efforts to promote Information Technology and data mining in astronomy. On April 10 and 11, China-VO and Alibaba Cloud organized together an astronomy party in Alibaba Group headquarter in Hangzhou, China. The party aims at connecting astronomers with the IT experts in industry and find partners to help with the technical issues in their research projects. Researchers from 9 astronomy research institutes in different area of China participated in the party and brings about 40 astronomical research projects and technical requirements, e.g. FAST pulsar search, exoplanet search, etc. More than 50 volunteers from various divisions of Alibaba group, who are keen on astronomy, joined the party. Online discussion groups have formed after the party on different technical aspects, including web crawlers, machine learning, engineering, and big data processing.

Tao Yihan
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