Milky Way stellar mock catalogue
2023-07-20 22:18
2023-07-20 22:26


To support the CSST development and scientific projects related to its survey data, we generate the first comprehensive Milky Way stellar mock catalogue for the CSST SC photometric system using the TRILEGAL stellar population synthesis tool. The catalogue includes approximately 12.6 billion stars, covering a wide range of stellar parameters, photometry, astrometry, and kinematics, with magnitude reaching down to =27.5 mag in the AB magnitude system. The catalogue represents our benchmark understanding of the stellar populations in the Milky Way, enabling a direct comparison with the future CSST survey data. More infomation on the computation can be found at our published paper at and The detailed descorption of the columns of catalogue can be found at the appendix section a.3 of our paper.

The catalogue presented at this website is computed with constant sky spatial resolution (HEALPix npix=128, about 18 arcsecond), which is convenient for the VO processing. The full catalogue with adapted sky spatial resolution (HEALPix npix=64 to 2028) is about can be requested for express delivery (