Chinese Astronomical Data Center


Chinese Astronomical Data Center (CAsDC) is the scientific data service and infrastructure of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC), which is a key service from the China-VO. We are aiming to meet user requirements for astronomical research and education.

The CAsDC is based on World Data Center (WDC) for Astronomy, which is hosted at NAOC and has been providing data services to users since its initiation in 1980s. In 2012, the CAsDC became a regular member of the new created Word Data System.

The CAsDC provides the following services:

  • Data storage, management and release on behalf of astronomical projects
  • Long term reservation and access for historical archives
  • Research and development of astronomical data management applications
  • International exchange and share of scientific data
  • User support

Currently, the following archives and collections are available at the CAsDC:

    public data
  • Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey catalog, coaddition, images data
  • Beijing-Arizona Sky Survey EDR version catalog
  • Chinese Small Telescope ARray (CSTAR)
  • LAMOST (Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope)
  • South Galactic Cap U-band Sky Survey catalogue, images and proper motion data
  • Huairou Solar Observing Station data
  • Solar Broad Band Spectrometer
    data in protecting period
  • Antarctic Survey Telescopes catalog, light Curve and survey data
  • Lijiang 2.4m Telescope Released Data, the catalog is public, but images files are in protecting period
  • New Vacuum Solar Telescope data
  • BATC Large Field Multi-Color Sky Survey
  • Archives of NAOC Xinglong Observatory
    public mirror
  • SDSS DR12 SkyServer
  • Popular catalogs including 2MASS, GSC 2.3, UCAC3, etc.
  • CDS VizieR (Beijing)
  • NASA ADS (Beijing)

The CAsDC is supported by NAOC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China.